The party greater Sitges declared of national interest by the Generalitat of Catalonia, held between 21 and 27 August in honour of "Sant Bartomeu", patron saint of the city. It is one of the most loved and enjoyed by all Sitges habitantesde for many years. Its more traditional acts held in the so-called 36 hours on 23 and 24 August. Keep reading and see the complete acts of the Festival of Sitges 2014 program, and not miss anything.

The 2014 Festival of Sitges (Festa Major Sitges 2014) will be held on the 19th with an opening speech.

Thursday 21 is the day for kids, with children's party.

On August 22, the Sant Bartomeu flag is given to the Festa Major de Sitges president of the commission.

On August 23 at 12 noon the entrance of gralles takes place (gralla musicians, Catalan wind instrument) for several streets of Sitges.
At 18 hours the Castellera de la Colla Jove de Castellers of Sitges is performed. In Cap de la Vila.
And at 23 hours monumental fireworks take place, from la Punta, la Fragata and the breakwaters.

On August 24 at 6 am folk dances called "La Matinal" are performed ("cercavila" through the streets of Sitges) and flowers are distributed to the ladies.
At 19:30 hours a procession is held in honor to Sant Bartomeu.

On Monday 25 on August at 22:15 hours. The Sardana Festival.
Ending in the Sant Sebastia beach with colorful fireworks, coca and wine tasting, closing the Festa Major festival.

Full program:


18: 00h. Opening Exhibition of the image of Sant Bartomeu

19: 00h. "Pasacalles" (Parade) and inauguration of "Barrracas" .At Paseo de la Ribera next to the Greco Monument

19: 30h. “Pregon satirico”(Satire) at the Palau of Rei Moro and presentation of Pubilla and Hereu de l'ABPS.

20: 00h. Free Concert by Buhos at Fragata.  

22: 30h. Proclamation of the 2014 Festa Major Sitges
At the town of Ayuntamiento de Sitges, by the preacher of the 2014 Festa Major de Sitges festival: Cisco Arbonés Heredia.


Auction bouquets of Gegantas in the Area of Barracks


19: 00h. Children's Party at Paseo de la Ribera in front of the Monument to Greco. Party sound and children's entertainment.

21: 00h. Concert by Els Pets and La Carrau. At el Retiro. € 10 per entry in advance and € 15 at the door entrance.

21: 00h. Sound party in Paseo de la Ribera in front of the Monument El Greco

02: 00h. DJs Kimberly and Clark.


22: 30h. Delivery of the Flag
At the Parish of Sant Bartomeu and Santa Tecla, act of poetry recital and singing of Sant Bartomeu Goigs.

23: 15h Tuterako Gateroak Concert. At Plaza de Buenaventura Julia

23: 30h. Fuck & Destroy DJ's at Paseo de la Ribera


12: 00h. Grallers Entrance
The different bands will offer their inaugural song in tribute to the founders of Festa Major. C/ Sant Francesc, Cap de la Vila, Major and Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

14: 00h. Lighting of 21 "morteros" (mortars) and ringing of bells
At La Fragata Beach

14: 00h. Sardanas and dances
From the Hall Square Town: Giants, Bigheaded, Dragons, Eagles, Devils, Canes, Cercolets, Tambourines, Shepherds, tapes, and Gypsy, accompanied by the musical group Suburband Retreat

18: 00h. Performance of Castellera de la Colla Jove Castellars of Sitges.
In Cap de la Vila

23: 00h. Monumental Fireworks
From la Punta, la Fragata and the breakwaters

After the fireworks there are two festivals:

Sardanista festival with the Sitgetan Cobla
Paseo de la Ribera

Festa Major Festival with the performance of the orchestra Allioli and then DJ's
Paseo de la Ribera


6: 00h. Cheerful morning
Following the tradition, the Commission will award ladies with fragrant flowers

10: 30h. Solemn Parish Church of Sant Bartomeu and Santa Tecla honoring St. Bartholomew the Apostle, patron of the town of Sitges. Awesome start performance. Musical parade with the Band that will follow the authorities to the City Hall. After the performance of dances, the band will play Els Segadors the national anthem of Catalonia.

Castellera Exhibition by Colla Jove Castellars of Sitges.
Plaza del Ayuntamiento

19: 30h. Procession honoring Sant Bartomeu
Pitch the tent of Sant Bartolomeu through the streets and squares of the town, accompanied by all Sitgetans and sitgetanas they wish.

Entrance of Sant Bartomeu in the Parish Church

Final dance of the fire beasts and giants

Fi de Festa (The end of the event)
At the Palau del Rei Mor

Great dance of Festa Major
At Paseo de la Ribera, with performances by orchestras.


11: 30H. Mass honoring the dead people of Sitges
Sant Bartomeu Church and Santa Tecla

12: 30h. Vermouth of Sant Lli
At Hort Can Hoz.

18: 30h. Festa Major Castellera Exhibition

18: 30h. Dance for older people

22: 00h. Organ Concert in the Parish

22: 15h. Sardana closing festival
At the Sant Sebastia beach, with colorful fireworks, coca and wine tasting, that gives an end to the festival.

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